Specialised materials

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Designed to meet your specific requirements, our packaging solutions make your life easier.

Measurements, size, formation and images made easy.
Advanced wrapping materials. Metalized, barrier agents, modified atmosphere or single layer to enhance shelf life. Printing with high gloss, matt, or matt with gloss highlights.
International standards for specifications certificates available on request.
Retortable materials

Retortable materials

  • Heat and serve meals; shelf-stable foods, extend shelf life.
  • Freezer or ambient storage options available.
Helpful hints

  • Washed thoroughly, these can be re-used to microwave food.
Oxygen barrier materials

Oxygen barrier materials

  • Decreases waste and extends shelf life
  • Cost efficiencies in the food manufacturing cycle
Helpful hints

  • Single layer material is recyclable.
Multiple layer materials

Multiple layer materials

  • Food processing, confectionery, pet food, materials and objects that require specific internal storage conditions
  • Solventless lamination to minimize exposure to chemicals. Water based inks are part of this process.
Helpful hints

  • Including a reseal closure track and/or slider encourages multiple bag use.

Material construction



– Stand up pouch.
– Brick square bottom to maximize shelf stability.
– Flat pillow for stacking.
– Hang punch dispensing.
– Closure systems reseal with track, slider or heat seal.

Helpful hints

  • Barcode verification, from an authorised agency is encouraged as part of the approval process.
Reel roll material


Used on automated bag form and fill machinery.

Helpful hints

  • Core widths from xxx to xxx
  • Helpful hint: Local storage options in Auckland or Wellington provide you with a just in time option
Pie materials


Designed to allow pies to ‘breathe’ naturally in a pie warmer.

Helpful hints

  • Economical solution for mass pie production.

flat pillow style

Standard sizes are available via our distribution network.

Helpful hints

  • Food grade material is used in the manufacture of these bags.
  • Helpful hint: You don’t need to hold large volumes of stock as the Kpac warehousing system makes these items a just in time solution.
Polyprop woven bags


10 to 20 kg bags for stockfeed, pet food, bulk food items

Matt or high gloss print available. Side gusset. Square block bottom construction. Easy tape tear tie available

Helpful hints

  • Recyclable material


Designed for heat and serve meals.