Who we are

We are a New Zealand family-owned business which has been trading for thirty years. KPAC are your flexible packaging specialists with a NZ team supported by our own manufacturing plant located in Xiamen, China. The fact that one of our company directors is located in Xiamen and that our KPAC family has Chinese heritage ensures smooth communications with our factory operations. See additional sheet for more who we are information.

What can we do for our customers?


KPAC applies the kiwi ‘can do’ attitude to problem solving while using its global networks to source goods. We can provide your company with not only a cost savings, but also with creative solutions to your technical or design requirements. KPAC thinks laterally about your options and we understand that one size does not fit all. Unique products need flexible packaging solutions.


Kpac’s assurance programme.


KPAC firmly believes in field trials and extensive testing of goods and services. This process proves to you, the customer, that we are listening carefully to what you need and are not jumping to conclusions.


Quality control does not need to cost more.


If there is an issue, KPAC will fix the problem immediately. No debate. The how and why of the problem can be discussed later. KPAC works closely with our customers and suppliers to establish protocols which ensure the supply chain is not broken. Continuity and reliability are cornerstones of our operations.

Delivery guarantees

Timelines are important. KPAC understands that we are part of your operations and that bagging goods means our customers get to keep their promises. We can even hold surplus stock in our New Zealand warehouses for you as buffer against peak demand. KPAC monitors the monthly draw down of customized goods to ensure that orders meet demand as required. Offering solutions rather than excuses for unexpected delays is a core component of our delivery promise to our customer.

Where are we physically located?

With our head office based in Auckland and a historic Wellington hub, KPAC maintains a national network. KPAC works on delivery the next or following day with a track and trace system to monitor our delivery promises. Wellington, where we got started, continues to be an important hub connecting the South Island. KPAC’s customer base extends into Australia, SE Asia and beyond. Offshore customer networks are supported by our Hong Kong operations.

We have samples, presentations and lots more. Just ask and we will respond.