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The vast majority of Kpac''s industrial packaging uses woven materials due to its strength and cost effectiveness. Kpac can provide woven bags ranging from 0.5kg to 2,000kg.


Simple print work is managed using Flexographic presses. Due to the rough surface of woven material, high definition printing must first be printed onto BOPP or PET and then laminated (using extrusion coating) together with the PP wov en fabric.

PP Material - Printing
Flexographic 4 Colour Press
5 Colour Press
Laminated With Gravure 8 Colour Press

PP Woven Weaves

Manufacturing PP woven material firstly involves Cast extrusion of a wide sheet of PP which is cut into long trends which are then woven together to make a continuous sheet of woven material.

PP Woven Weave
Deniers Available 8 x 8
10 x 10
12 x 12
Weave refers to the total ''squares'' interwoven into every square inch of finished material.

Features of PP Woven Bags

The following explains some of the features of Kpac''s range of PP Woven bags.

Anti Slip Coating Improves stability of filled bags during transport
Breathable Holes For dry product that requires air flow
Magnetic Charge Improves Print Quality
Side Gussets For Side Gussets, the bags must be within the following total widths. Min 360mm. Max 610mm
Sealing Melted Liquid Polyethylene
Valves Self Shutting Filling Valves

Image shows breathable hole insertion.