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Kpac''s began business supplying polyethylene (PE) packaging and we are proud to have supplied New Zealand''s two largest supermarket brands for over a decade. Core lines: -

Here are some of our core stock lines:

Range of Stockline PE Products
T-Shirt Carry Bags
Produce Bags
Carton Liners & Sheets
Roll Bags
Resealable Bags
Rubbish Bags
Re-Enforced Handle Bags
Produce Bags
Butcher Bags
Smocks and Aprons

Customised Manufacturing

Aside from our range of stock products, we are able to provide your business with customised printed and designed.

PE Customisation Facts
Maximum Colours Eight
Minimum Run 500 Kg Raw Material
Finishing / Packing Header Block
Coatings / Additives Anti-Fog

Extrusion Summary

Kpac''s family owned Polyethylene plant has a massive monthly manufacturing capacity. We have weekly shipments travelling to ports in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia

Extrusion Information
Over 40 HD/LD extruders outputting 0.5 to 3.0 Metric Tonne
Each Per Day
Total Factory Capacity of 1,500 MT Per Month

Manufacturing Guildlines

Our polyethylene manufacturing plant has the following guildlines.

Note: 1 millimeter (mm) = 1 000 micrometer (um).

PE Manufacturing Guildlines
Side Sealed Bags - Maximum Width 890mm
Length 1100mm
Bottom Sealed Bags - Maximum Width 1300mm
Length 2000mm

Material Thickness Range

Material Min Max
HDPE 7.5um 100um
LLDPE 9.0um 150um