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Environmentally Conscious (EC) packaging is a priority sector for Kpac. In addition to EC industrial packaging, Kpac provides re-usable and degradable EC packaging.

Re-usage Packaging

Kpac provide non-woven PP bags for re-usable packaging.

Common Materials
Wide Range of Colours Available
Large Range of GSM (Material Thickness)
Paper or Plastic Base Board for Stability
Velcro To Assist with Bag Closure
Up to 4 Colour Print
Coating Available to Protect Print


Degradable materials have become popular over the last few years due to there cost effectiveness and practicability.

Overview of Degradable
Degradable Additive combined with standard resins
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Using EPI''s TDPA additives
Percentage of TDPA effect product shelf life.


Kpac is waiting for conclusion evidence of the benefits of biodegradable packaging before working in this sector.